"Cheryl-Ruth is the gentle spiritual surgeon who removes imbalances with immediate ease, so the body can return to its natural state. She is brilliant." --Anja Prestridge, Multidimensional Healing Master, Heavenlychi

What is Neshama Energy Healing™ ?

Neshama is the Hebrew word for Soul or Spirit. Neshama Energy Healing™, as it was channeled to me from my multidimensional Spirit Guides, is the healing protocol of pinpointing exactly what needs to be released and transmuted in your entire being, on all levels, throughout all dimensions and the hologram of time. The result is that you feel free, with a brighter disposition, and in alignment with your soul’s purpose. This can happen in one session or if you have been holding negative energies for an extended period of time -- like I did in my Dark Night of the Soul time -- this can happen over several sessions.

I like to think of Neshama Energy Healing™ as a gathering place of benevolent higher multidimensional spiritual beings (including yours!) who lovingly assist me in this work. Together, we use a variety of spiritual tools including The Body Code, of which I am a practitioner. I also use The Higher Vibration Positive Emotions Wheel, The Mother Goddess Energy Wheel, The Higher Vibration Tree Energy Chart, and The Ancestor Higher Vibration Wheel. These 3 wheels and 1 chart were channeled by me, from my beautiful friends in the multiverse. I also work with the White Angelic Light Realms to infuse higher dimensional frequencies in your field, and oftentimes, I am shown new things that can assist you in your healing. I love it when that happens.

What Can I Expect During a Session?

We meet over Zoom video or by phone. This is your choice. Some of my clients prefer meeting over the phone as it enables them to stay focused on my words and not distracted by seeing themselves on video. Others prefer to share a video call with me on Zoom, which helps them feel more connected to the process. There is no best way, and both ways are as effective in this work.

Each session lasts approximately one hour, although sometimes our time together can be shorter or longer. When your body and your subconscious mind are finished with the session due to you needing to process the energy work, this is shown to me and our session is then over. After that, you can ask any questions you might have to your Spirit Guides, and I can provide those answers. We then go over the work we’ve done in the session and the guidance that has come through for you.

We begin our session with a brief conversation about the challenges you are experiencing and if you have any preferences of what you'd like to work on. I take this information and ask your Guides what is a priority, and we begin from that point. These sessions are private and any information you share with me is kept confidential.

During your session, you may feel tired. This is the most common feeling my clients share with me, once negative energies are released. This is completely normal and I always recommend time to rest and relax after our sessions, so you can integrate the changes. At the end of our session, I ask your Spirit Guides how long you need to process the work we’ve just done, and I share this information with you.

The intention I set for these sessions is gentle and safe, even when we are releasing some of your heavy, stuck energies. You are always in control and can stop at any time to ask questions or share how you are feeling. I like to move slowly through the process and I will stop if you or your Guides ask me to.

Sometimes, you might feel an amplification of, let’s say, a sad or an intense feeling. 80% of the time, this will be released as we continue the session. 20% of the time, it will take some hours or days to process. This is normal. And sometimes, you will feel elated and joyful and a sudden feeling of lightness after releasing an emotion, for example.

It is vital that you are hydrated at the beginning of our session. If you are not hydrated, you cannot process the energy healing, and our work will stop.

If you have any more questions about any of this work, get in touch with me by filling out the form below or sending me an email here: cherylruth@neshamaenergyhealing.com.

Please note: Neshama Energy Healing™ services are not a substitute for medical treatment. They are a compliment to your medical treatment. Neshama Energy Healing services™ do not constitute diagnose or treatment of physical, emotional, or mental illness. When there is serious illness, injury, or mental/emotional problems, a physician of your choice should be consulted.

About Cheryl-Ruth Janis

"Cheryl-Ruth is truly an amazing healer. I can go from feeling highly anxious and sad at the beginning of our session to feeling grounded and calm by the end. I’ve noticed that old patterns of thinking and feeling have shifted and are no longer present." --Dr. Judith Hong, MD - Redwood Family Dermatology

Dear friend,

When I was growing up, my mom suffered from crippling depression. I was a deeply sensitive child and took on Mom’s trauma, mingling it with my own, until anxiety became the primary meal in my emotional life. As a sensitive and psychic adult, I spent years searching for relief through various spiritual and science-based modalities to help myself heal and return to a life of daily joy -- a state I couldn’t remember lasting for any significant amount of time. I settled on Western Feng Shui Interior Design for many years and became a certified practitioner. Among my residential clients, I was often called the Self-Care Expert because of my focus on creating spiritual spaces that nurtured and soothed the human heart. I was channeling the Spirit World back then, and didn’t know it. The answers to what others needed in their spaces and in their lives was always given to me. And yet, deep within my soul, I still felt disempowered.

After 17 years into my career, including 10 of those designing healthcare spaces, I experienced what is known as the Dark Night of the Soul. This was an extended period of time in my life when my world came crashing down and the heavy dark clouds engulfed me and did not lift for two painful years. It was during this time I experienced almost daily OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) and STE’s (Spiritually Transformative Experiences). Spiritual beings visited me every day and night with transmissions, transmutations and assistance in helping me clear out all that old stuck trauma energy, and all of its associations, from my childhood, and other lifetimes.

It was a deeply frightening time, speckled with the awe of experiencing other dimensions and coming into who I truly am — a multidimensional traveler — who is experiencing a human life on earth. With a deeply supportive husband, I was able to immerse myself entirely into my healing. I received support and an extended immersive training experience from Master Multidimensional Energy Healer, Anja Prestridge, who I still work with today.

Aside from my own healing, the gift of my Dark Night of the Soul time has been an amplification of my psychic and channeling abilities to help others. I treasure this gift as it has awoken me to experiencing magic in my everyday life. The relief I have found from this work and in others I help is truly remarkable. As my teacher, Anja often delightfuly says, in reference to her own 17-year experience of crushing panic disorder, “If I can heal, I know you can too.”



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